Friday, September 24, 2010

Fan Art or Retarded visions of bliss you decide....

A story about Jim by Steve

In a land far far away, there was a man and his church. This man was a man that lived in a church where he spent most of his days sacrificing the children of the land to his chair god. He would rip off their skin and flesh and drench their blood into a fountain which acted as a moat around the church. A man heard of Jim's horrifying deeds and went to the church with several others to put an end to his foulness. Before they could cross the moat to get to the doors, corpses of undead children rose from the moat and pulled them under, suffocating them. Jim took the man that had rebeled against him and put him on a spike, ripping it from his asshole all the way out his mouth, he nailed him to the top of the church as a warning to wary travelers.

The following is a picture of Jim and his Church...

If that was not magical enough here is a picture that another friend of mine made. His name is Evan the Pirate.

He wants everyone to know that the stuff on fire in the background is a city that is on fire after it was attacked by a random volcano. The city is named Narak and he also want me to tell everyone that he hates Narak and hopes he dies in a fire.

 So now I am going to start posting TWICE a day. My normal posts and "FanArt" posts. If you want to submit an image to be posted as fan art send it to me at also if you want to put in a story describing said "FanArt" go ahead and I will post it on here probably without even reading it just like these.


  1. lol xDDD
    cool post bro!
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)
    suppin can u rtrn pls?

  2. so morbid and cute thank god for ms paint

  3. Showing some love and support, keep up the good work =)

  4. It's like when was eight and thought MS paint was the shit, an epitome of modern day technology.

  5. hehe my lack of talent is too low even for that ;P

  6. Lmao. I love the second one, the sun reminds me of how I used to draw when I was a little kid.